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1.5 million game tickets given to kids, families, teachers and military servicemen since 1991. 

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About Eddie's Kids

Goalie Charitable Foundation & Eddie's Kids is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides professional sports and entertainment tickets to children, families, teachers, and military personnel. With the prices of professional sporting & entertainment event tickets increasing annually, attending such events has become unattainable for many families. With a core belief of building family values and giving kids a sporting chance, Eddie’s Kids creates a game day experience for kids to enjoy a Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Mammoth Lacrosse, Rapids Soccer game, L.A. Kings, The National Western Stock Show and other live events.  The Foundation believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of a live sporting or entertainment event within their community, regardless of their financial circumstances.

The Beginning

Eddie’s Kids began back in 1991 when Tim Lieweke (then Executive VP of the Denver Nuggets), legendary NBA trainer Robert “Chopper” Travaglini and Denver businessman Eddie Wedelstedt were discussing ways to give back to the community. After considering the high price of event tickets, Eddie offered to match any ticket donation made by the various teams and entertainment venues and donate the tickets to children. The idea to use organizations and families to facilitate transporting ticket recipients to the events proved invaluable.  Fast forward 30 years and Eddie’s Kids, with the help of its private donors and partnerships with Kroenke Sports Charities, Los Angeles Kings Cares and the National Western Stock Show, Eddie Kid’s has donated over 1.5 million tickets within the various communities.


Some people underestimate the power of sports and large venue entertainment events. Attending a sporting event can alter the trajectory of a child’s life. Sports can be that necessary spark an unmotivated child needs to pursue their full potential in ways they may have previously never imagined.  With these tickets comes the opportunity for children to see their real-life sports heroes up close, ignite hidden passions, give time to bond with their families in a special surrounding, and give them a long term, unforgettable experience.  Similarly, attending live entertainment shows can provide a like experience.  And just the mere attending the event can create a feeling of joy and cause the children to spread their feelings to others around them.  The sporting/entertainment event is just a vehicle.


The true measure of a person is how they treat the less fortunate.

About Us
The Kids

Who You're Helping

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Our Mission

Creating a positive experience for children that is so often out of reach financially. Seeing the results portrayed in the notes and writings of the ticket recipients. Watching the growth and smiles. All attainable through the power of giving. The mission to give and inspire those in need ... always the goal of Eddie’s Kids.   

Our Mission

Remembering Eddie

Eddie Wedelstedt is and will always be synonymous with Eddie’s Kids.  Sadly, on August 17, 2020, Eddie passed away after a brief illness and is now holding court in the big hockey rink in the sky. Eddie’s Kids was founded by Eddie W. and a small group of friends in the 1990’s as an extension of Eddie’s personal vision to give a sporting chance to those less fortunate. The charity has purchased and then donated hundreds of thousands of tickets to professional sporting events to those less fortunate children who desired to see their sports teams & heroes but could not afford the ever-rising ticket prices.  Eddie’s understanding that coordinating the kids’ attendance would prove daunting, he smartly partnered the charity with the sports teams and their charity affiliates to successfully bring the children to the game. Over the years, Eddie’s Kids also honored teachers and the military members for their mentoring roles and personal sacrifices that shape today’s youth and help pave their future path.  One of Eddie’s close friends summed up his impact perfectly when he said,  “Eddie’s impact on the community was a mile deep, a mile wide and a mile high.”


We are proud to announce that Eddie’s vision and spirit will live on, and Eddie’s Kids charity will continue his mission into the future!

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Remembering Eddie
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"Nobody in the world is perfect ... except a kid."

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Eddie's Kids

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